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Welcome Blogger, Writer in Pro Bloggers Blog. We are happy to guest post on our blog which was made for all Beginner and professional bloggers and writers to show their blog ideas and create an audience outside of their blogs. Guest posting is a fantastic technique to share your research, tips, and opinions with a large audience and a great way to promote your name, blog, website, products, or social media profiles on the internet.

We are here to support others on this long road to success as bloggers and writers.

What is Guest Posting?

Visit This Article to Know Exactly what is guest posting and how to make the best content writing.

Advantages of Guest Posting on our Blog

Guest posting increases your traffic and gets focused on traffic.

Guest posting creates social confirmation.

Guest posting makes high-quality backlinks from powerful areas.

Guest posting creates name acknowledgment – for yourself and your business.

Guest posting is the best way for catching leads.

Guest posting is extraordinary for web crawlers.

We Promote all guest posts on our socials media pages.

Topics that we Prefer to Write the Content:


Digital Marketing


Artificial Intelligence




Life & Style

Tips & Tricks



Health And Fitness

Guidelines for Guest Posts on our Blog

The guest post will be listed on the homepage of our Blog that has automatic loading when scrolling in down the page, so visitors will find your post easily.

We will not publish any purely promotional texts.

Use copyright/royalty-free images like:( Pixabay, Unsplash, and Pexels) Or you can use paid images like( Depositphotos, and Pixelo, or get free paid items from Photobacks).

We will add internal and external links to improve SEO and to make the article look more natural.

You may use the article link to your website to make great SEO.

We may add some affiliate links or ads.

We will not publish articles related to drugs, s*x, alcohol, and these words, and links MUST NOT BE inside the guest post!

Do not insert affiliate links inside the post, your affiliate links should be on your landing page.

If you have published this article elsewhere, don’t bother submitting it here, because we check it with plagiarism checker Copyscape and Google before we publish it online.

If you want to provide us with a Guest Post or Article:

It must be 100% unique that we check the plagiarism with paid Copyscape checker.

It must have at least 700 words or a maximum of 5000 words.

It can have a maximum of 1-2 links inside (we will add more internal and high-authority external links – the guest post must look 100% natural).

Search in our blog before submitting the article, duplicated articles are not allowed.

High Authority and unique posts with links back to your asset will help Google to discover the value of your site.

You can contact us to ask to create a specific category and we will create it for you, after submitting your guest post contact us and send the category that you want to add to our website and we will create it for you.

Here is a list of some tips to help you make a guest post for beginner bloggers and writers and affiliate marketers.

1 – For Bloggers and Writers

The first and important to create a unique and ranking blog post or article is the topic that you will write about, then you need to pick a low competition keyword that makes your post or article rank fast and also studies all competitions websites that use the same keyword or similar keyword, also if you want to make your articles or your blog posts quickly you can use AI Writing Tools like all in one WritenZen, Jarvis, etc. and the last thing you need a content optimization tool to improve your SEO and Plagiarism Checker, you can read my blog post ( Free Guest Posting: How to Guest Blogging In 2022 ) This blog post will show you how to write blog posts and articles, and you can make it as a guest post or you can keep it in your website.

NOTE: To use powerful tools to improve your SEO for WordPress users I recommend using( AIOS ) plugin, and for all other websites ( SEO Buddy ) This is my advice in order not to lose your money and time.

here are some tools to pick a powerful keyword that will make your post rank and get organic traffic.

FREE Keyword research tools: ( Google Keyword Planner ) – ( Google Trends ) – (  Soovle ) – ( AnswerThePublic )

Paid Keyword research tools: WritenZen ( all in one Keyword research tool with new features ”golden keyword” and showing you a website that rank in the first 20 positions, and topic discovery and content optimization and Plagiarism Checker, you can try it for FREE 7-days trials here and sure NO credit card required.

Learn more about how to write blog guest posts or articles from here.

2 – For Affiliate Marketers and Online Business Owners.

Those people are not bloggers or writers and maybe they do not have an idea about how to write an article or a blog post, so I recommended them to buy their original content from trusted freelancers like Fiverr, take a look on from here or you can search about what you need in down of this paragraph.

Fiverr is a powerful website you can buy your article or your design depending on Freelancer rating and review, last place is for cheap and original articles is ( Hire Writers ) you can take a look at prices and content available on their website from here.

Please read the guidelines for Guest posts on our Blog Before Submit Your post. Also, you can ask for

anything by contacting me.



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